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Internships In Asia is not a normal kind of company. We don't sell a specific product and we aren't trying to revolutionize our industry. We avoid using empty marketing language, and you'll never hear us talk about how awesome we are. In fact, our mission is pretty simple. We are passionate and curious about the world, and we want to dedicate our lives to promoting trade, learning and friendship between America and everyone else. We think the best way to achieve these goals is to find people with a similar viewpoint, and then help put them in a position to travel, explore and feed their own sense of curiosity and wonder. We hope to start a conversation with you and learn about your passions. 

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Snapshots from Abroad: Impossible to Do Alone

Our latest edition of Snapshots from Abroad examines the life of an American teacher and businessman in China and the lessons he's learned from his unique experience.

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    President, United States of America-China Chamber of Commerce

    "Working with Internships In Asia gives the U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce a unique opportunity to further our mission of helping U.S. companies stay competitive in this globalized marketplace."