What Is an Internship?

An internship is a temporary (usually between 6 and 12 weeks) position within a company where an intern performs business functions similar to a full-time employee. The point is to provide hands-on job training that prepares the intern for a professional career. Internships typically offer a comprehensive work experience touching multiple facets of a business.

Why Do an Internship?

An internship, also sometimes called an apprenticeship, can be the best way to test the waters in a specific field and geographic location without having to make a long-term commitment with a salaried job. It also serves as one of the best ways to pad a resume for professionals still in the early part of their career.

Do Internships Lead to Full-Time Jobs?

It is common for interns who do well during their temporary placement to receive an offer for a larger, more important role within the enterprise where they work. Internships are often the gateway to a career within a company.

Do Interns Get Paid?

Most Internships In Asia's internships are non-paid, but we can also search for paid internships if that is your preference. Regardless, most internships have stipends or other perks involved. The goal is to provide work experience that is attractive to employers and post-graduate programs, while offering cultural opportunities that you can't put a price on.

Why Asia?

Nowhere on earth has undergone comparable development and modernization in the past 20 years. About 60% of the people on the planet live in Asia and the vast majority are just beginning to move out of rural areas, get educated and become part of a global consumer class. Thus it is clear that the impact on the world economy will be influenced, if not steered, by the comings and goings in and around China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia.

For any aspiring young professional, understanding and having experience working with the cultures of East Asia will have inestimable value for any future endeavor or with any prospective employer. Professional benefits aside, the cultures of the Far East represent some of the world’s oldest and most complex. The opportunity to enjoy the varied traditions, geography and history of these rich and colorful lands is limitless.

Do I Need to Speak the Local Language?

It is not necessary to speak the local language for any of our internships. But studying the language before and during your trip will only enhance your experience. Moreover, employers may be more likely to extend an offer to candidates with language skills. The better your language skills, the more successful you are likely to be in the job itself.

What Does Internships In Asia Do?

We provide you with access to foreign job markets. And we give it to you with personal attention from experienced American professionals who have lived and worked abroad so you don't have to worry.

To the average Westerner, traveling thousands of miles to a country with a different language and distinct culture, then finding a job and the necessary government authorization for work or school is a daunting proposition that could take weeks or months to accomplish. Internships In Asia specializes in making this process fast, low stress and cost-effective. We do the hard part, so you can focus on more important stuff like traveling, learning and enjoying the experience.

What Services Does Internships In Asia Offer?

We work with our partners to find a professional opportunity that fits your interests and needs. This includes internships, paid positions and educational opportunities such as study abroad programs. Our aim is to match you with a reputable organization and to provide you a job contract, invitation letter and other necessary paperwork to fulfill visa requirements for working and studying overseas. We also provide ongoing consultation and support during the course of your placement.

Our internships are created with the help of reputable organizations like the United States-China Chamber of Commerce, which possesses more than 20 years of experience promoting trade and business opportunities between East and West. Through the USCCC's more than 200 member institutions, we offer a range of positions with companies that are used to working with businesses on both sides of the Pacific.

Is an Opportunity With Internships In asia Right for Me?

Our belief is that overcoming the difficulties in adjusting to life and work overseas develops strength of character and habits that will pay a lifetime of dividends. But with that said, these opportunities are not for everyone. If you are not prepared to adapt to the realities of being immersed in a challenging foreign environment, you may want to rethink the idea of living in East Asia.

Determining if an internship overseas is right for you is a tough personal decision that you'll need to make for yourself. What we can tell you is that the traits that most often lead to a fulfilling experience are: being open-minded, mature, respectful, disciplined and curious about the world.

If you are uncomfortable around foreign cultures, have trouble adapting to new environments and do not enjoy trying new things, this opportunity is probably not right for you. Additionally, if you are only looking to hit the backpacker party scene, Internships In Asia is not interested in working with you.

What are the Requirements for an Internship?

We work with the companies in our network to match candidates’ talents and interests to a complementary position. In doing so, we put an emphasis on the following criteria:

  • Strong academic record (university degree or current enrollment preferred)
  • Ability to speak a foreign language or experience studying foreign languages
  • Demonstrated work experience (even a part-time job in high school)
  • Professionalism and capacity to perform in a business environment

All candidates must be over 18 and have a valid passport with more than 6 months of eligibility remaining.

How Do I Apply for an Internship?

Click here to apply online. Once we receive your application, we will contact you with the next steps in the application process.

If you have any questions not answered here, feel free to contact us any time by sending an email to mike@internshipsinasia.com.