Internships In Asia  specializes in creating opportunities for students and professionals to gain invaluable business and life experience in the diverse, turbocharged economies of China and East Asia.

Working hand in hand with the United States of America-China Chamber of Commerce, we source and tailor positions that match the abilities and interests of each individual with leading businesses on the ground in Asia, thus offering an unparalleled opportunity to build and burnish resumes with international experience.


Our work concentrates on 3 key areas, including:

1. Internships and Jobs

We help you get started down the path of a dream career by finding attractive positions with employers in China and other parts of Asia. By tapping our large professional overseas network, we match your skills and experience with companies looking for ambitious, hard-working Western candidates. Though we primarily focus on temporary, non-paid internships, we can also help you with a paid opportunities and full-time jobs. To learn more about internships and other work opportunities with Internships in Asia, read our Frequently Asked Questions.

2. Education and Training

Through our Young Ambassador's Program and Hospitality Training Project, we offer unparalleled skills training opportunities for both companies and individuals.

3. Visas and Travel Services

Looking to travel for business or educational purposes? We can get you the visa you need and help with other consultation and concierge-style services.

WHY Asia?

During the past two decades, the growth of emerging markets in Asia—driven largely by China and India—represents the most dramatic cultural, demographic and economic shift the world has ever seen. Since the turn of the millennium, China and its 1.3 billion citizens have seen GDP increase by 700%. By almost every credible estimate, the People's Republic will soon become the world's largest economy.

Meanwhile, hundreds of millions have been brought out of crushing poverty and given a chance at a richer, fuller life. The stunning growth in the region has not been confined to the Middle Kingdom. The nations of Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, South Korea and Indonesia are also on a torrid pace, one where products like Hyundai, Samsung, HTC and Singapore Air have become global household names.

The populations of these countries become more educated, inspired and thirsty for opportunity by the minute. They possess an irresistible optimism and a desire to change the world for the better.

Why Now?

Many Asian nations are excited about demonstrating their economic and cultural clout on the world stage, driving an openness to doing business abroad and a passion for receiving and working with foreign professionals.

Coupled with the rise of social media and lightning speed innovation in communication technology, Asia and the West are more connected than ever before. To those with the right skills, the depth and variety of professional opportunities is unprecedented.

Hands-on experience in China and the Far East offers the promise of developing invaluable skills and gaining exposure to some of the world's most rapidly advancing, innovative businesses. It also provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for immersion in a tradition-rich foreign culture.



In 2014, Internships In Asia signed an exclusive partnership with the United States of America-China Chamber of Commerce to bring internships and educational opportunities to Westerners with an interest in living and working in China. 

The USCCC was founded in 1993 by a group of Chinese and American businessmen led by Prescott S. Bush, Jr., brother of former U.S. President George H.W. Bush. 

The organization conducts a wide range of activities such as seminars, conferences, workshops, executive briefings, trade missions and networking events, which collectively aim to facilitate a deeper understanding of the technological, economic, financial, demographic and cultural trends that are critical for successful economic development between the U.S. and China.

Internships In Asia works with the USCCC and its more than 250 member institutions to find professional opportunities in a range of industries.

Visit the USCCC Website

Internships in Asia's VALUES

The work of Internships In Asia grew out of our sister organization, the Atlanta-Latin America Scholarship. Starting and operating this 501(c)(3) non-profit taught us the importance of putting principles before profits and emphasizing a mission of empowering leaders, inspiring cultural tolerance and advocating for cooperative problem solving. The Internships In Asia founders are passionate about building international bridges and contributing little by little to a more secure, prosperous and interconnected world. 


We seek truth and understanding through education and travel


We pride ourselves on doing what we say we are going to do


We seek peace and prosperity through better global relations


Making people pleased to work with us motivates everything we do


We've lived in foreign countries and hold all cultures in high regard


We strive to give personal attention to our customers around the clock


We believe in a better America that is knowledgeable and tolerant


We are credible, honest, reliable and always trustworthy


We aim to empower others to learn new skills and experience the world


We are real people who don't speak in phony marketing lingo