Joey Campbell

As one hand of the co-founding tag team behind Internships In Asia, Joey is the resident talker, commentator and opinionator who gives voice to the site’s perspective on all things international travel, education and business.

A writer, editor and entrepreneur with an extensive background creating content for digital media, Joey has worked on high profile projects with properties owned by big media corps such as Demand Media, InterActive Corp, Hearst and National Geographic as well as for consumer brands like AT&T and Intuit. He is passionate about travel and international business, having spent two years in Buenos Aires, Argentina, developing a startup dedicated to publishing content in multiple foreign languages.

In 2009, Joey co-founded the Atlanta-Latin America Scholarship (ALAS), a 501(c)(3) non-profit scholarship fund for American students interested in studying abroad, an experience that laid the groundwork for starting Internships In Asia. You can keep up with Joey across various social media (click the icons to the right) or on his Medium blog, where he opines freely on politics, travel, family and life in general.