Managing Your Health While Traveling Abroad

At JMG, we work with a number of partners in our efforts to support and promote foreign travel and study abroad. One of our partners is Passport Health, an expert provider of travel health services and consultation. The following guest post was provided by our friends at Passport Health to illuminate some of the steps travelers should consider taking before any international trip.

Taking an international trip requires significant planning. Saving up, getting a passport or visa—there are all kinds of logistical travel arrangements that need to be made before you leave home. You made sure that you have every last detail accounted for…but did you account for your health? Getting the right travel vaccinations and medications for your destination could save you thousands of dollars in unexpected medical costs and countless hours of medical care.

Before you even start planning the details of this adventure, you’ve saved, maybe for years, or possibly for your whole life. You’ve waited for this opportunity to go to your dream destination: maybe China, or Kenya, or Peru. To make your dream a reality, you’ve avoided eating out, passed on your daily Starbucks and tried not to go out on weekends. It’s not easy.

Then you start your preparations. You renew your passport, obtain a visa, and even create a blog. But, have you protected your health with travel vaccinations and medications?

Diseases that were eradicated or are uncommon at home can be prevalent abroad. In fact, hepatitis A and B, yellow fever, polio, malaria, and Japanese encephalitis are concerns for travelers going to various regions around the world. You should take the same care with your health as you do with all other aspects of your planning; a simple visit to a travel clinic for immunizations for travel before you depart will help you to prevent these diseases and mitigate other health issues abroad. Not only are immunizations for travel inexpensive when compared to the cost of medical care, they are your best guarantee of priceless memories created during your international excursions.

But, disease protection isn’t just for during your trip; it’s always invaluable after. Thousands of travelers each year return home feeling fine only to become ill within a few days or weeks of their return. It is important to prevent such illness through vaccinations and other preventative care.

An added benefit of many vaccines is lengthy or even lifelong immunity. Many vaccinations do not require periodic boosters meaning if you receive them once, you can take as many trips as you’d like without needing to worry about getting sick. One vaccine can create peace of mind that lasts a lifetime.

Immunizations are just the start, however. Travel consultations can help vacationers, business people and others recognize what they should do and what they should avoid as part of their travels. Often, individuals are unaware of hidden risks, like cholera in Uganda or dengue fever in Malaysia, diseases that exist in the country they are traveling to but are not readily known otherwise. A travel clinic consultation can help you learn the best ways to protect yourself from hidden dangers.

Passport Health provides travel health solutions and consultations throughout North America and offers immunizations and advice to travelers venturing to all parts of the world. To find out more about its services, feel free to visit their website or schedule an appointment to speak with a Passport Health Travel Health Specialist to learn what you might need to be ready for your next dream trip.

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