Getting a job overseas is quite a challenge. Picking up and moving to another country, immersing yourself in a foreign culture and learning to communicate simple tasks can be challenging enough without the added burden of having to find employment.

But the benefits of working abroad are indisputable. Living and working overseas teaches you about yourself, forces you to solve problems and tests your mettle as a professional and a human being. Potential employers back home know this, too.

Adding foreign work experience to your resume is a game changer. In a low-growth environment where jobs for recent college graduates are scarce, being able to speak a second language and thrive in a different business culture could be the differentiator for starting a successful career.

Think about it. If two job candidates are otherwise equal, as the hiring manager wouldn't you be partial to the guy who spent 2 months in Shanghai taking Chinese and working with a rapidly-growing international firm?

We started Internships In Asia to give you exactly that--the chance to be the unique candidate. We want to find you the right internship in Asia, where you can use the experience to jumpstart you on a path to prosperity.

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What you get with Internships In Asia:

  • Contract with an Asian business for a non-paid internship*
  • Appropriate business visa (including all applicable consular fees)
  • An invitation letter and a contract from the host company
  • The official Internships in Asia welcome packet for your city
  • Ongoing support from Internships in Asia staff

We don't believe in restricting you with a hand holding service that plots your every move. In fact, we think a foreign work experience is much more valuable when you leave room for exploration and flexibility.

If it's a full-service, white glove treatment you are looking for, we can certainly help. But we've found that the best candidates are those with an open mind ready to pave their own way.

In simplest terms, at Internships in Asia we do the heavy lifting by finding you a job and fulfiling the bureaucratic paperwork. From there, your Asian adventure is left up to you.

*Though our internships are non-paid, some compensation--including stipends, food and entertainment--may become available depending on employer


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​20 Years of Experience

​20 Years of Experience

Internships In Asia partners with the United States-China Chamber of Commerce to find a placement in your industry, with an exciting business that matches your skills and interests. Founded in 1993, the USCCC is one of the country's leading institutions promoting the advancement of US and China business and investment. 

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Apply Now

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Other Opportunities with Internships In Asia

While Internships In Asia's central focus is on sending students and young professionals to Asia, we recognize that the ship sails both ways. We also have key relationships with employers in the United States looking for qualified foreign candidates to fill internships domestically. 

If you or a university program you're involved with are looking to place foreign students in positions with companies in the U.S., contact us to see how we can help meet your needs. 

Or if you're looking for full-time work, Internships In Asia can help with paid positions, too. For a list of professional opportunities, send us an email with your resume, preferred destination, job type and a short description about you. We'll get back to you in a snap with more information.


In helping you find an internship or job, Internships in Asia's guiding philosophy is simple. We want to help you develop invaluable skills, improve your professional marketability and experience all the requisite joys of foreign travel. And we want to help you do all this by offering a no-nonsense, personalized experience. 

In fact, we base our service on 4 primary criteria. 


Create a satisfying professional work experience


Give you suggestions but leave the rest up to you


Beef up your resume in a global marketplace


Immerse you in vibrant, local cultures